It's good to be interested in lots of different things!

I am a product developer with a legal background. I qualified as a barrister in 2009 and then took an abrupt detour into the world of publishing in 2010. 

I spent a couple of years working as a law reporter, writing law reports of important legal decisions for The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting in London. Writing about the law for a living turned into writing about the law for the fun of it and I started my own modest attempt at a law blog, Carrefax, in 2011 (at the height of legal blogging boom time).  

Another professional detour came in 2012, when I made the switch from writing to product development. 

I've always had an interest in learning about lots of things, from law to architecture and music to politics. My work as a product developer has given me license to indulge a fair bit and I draw inspiration from everything and anything to drive my work forward (much to the annoyance of those around me, I fear). 

This website is a resurrection of sorts for my original Carrefax blog. But, instead of just writing about the law, this reincarnation is more of a scrapbook where I can collect and share things that I find interesting, such as design, literature, technology and some law, too. 

This is my modest contribution to the noise. 

This is a website about making things.