A new home for Carrefax

About five years ago, I started my very first Wordpress blog and named it Carrefax. Carrefax went live around the time legal blogging was exploding all over social media and when there was a compact, but very active community of lawyers taking to Twitter.

Carrefax was not, I freely admit, a widely read blog! But I had fun gradually building it up and I'm quite proud of it as a repository of content. If nothing else, it just very pleasing to have a small corner of the internet reserved for my thoughts and ramblings.

The original Wordpress blog has been laying dormant for around a year, mainly as a byproduct of a lack of time to devote to writing rather than there being a shortage of things to write about.

Over the past year, I've realised that my interests have broadened considerably since the original site went up in 2011. I still find the law absolutely fascinating, but I've grown to be a fair bit more eclectic in the things that I find interesting.

I now spend just as much time reading about design as I do about the law, if not more, and I've come to realise is that what I'm really interested in is the business of making stuff, because making stuff is fun!

I'm still building and refining this website and am in the process of gathering material to start publishing onto it. But, for now, I just wanted to wet the head of the new Carrefax website with this short post and say "hello".