Who the $%£& is Carrefax??

Who the $%£& is Carrefax??

That's a very fair question.

When I launched the original blog back in 2012, I'd been reading a lot of Tom McCarthy. His books are dark, insanely well-researched and dense (which, at the time, were qualities I rather admired - still do).

The first problem whenever you start a website of any sort is giving it a name. Generally speaking, most sensible people opt for a name that has some connection with the purpose of the site or the content hosted on it. Lacking both sense and a clear vision of what the blog was really going to be about, I wanted a single, vague word to hide behind. 

On the day I launched the original Carrefax site, I'd just finished reading McCarthy's C. I'm not going to attempt to give C a write-up here, but one of the major themes (at least on my reading) is the idea of signals and connections, concepts which align quite nicely with the idea of a website. 

C's protagonist is called Serge Carrefax and I selected his surname as the brand for my site (had I launched the site two weeks later, it may well have been called Moshe).

Mystery solved! Buy the book!