Fun and games with Adobe Draw on iPhone

It is rare for me to genuinely experience delight with an app on my phone, but I experienced it this morning on the train into London. 

With a bit of Interpol going on in the background (through my earphones), I open Adobe Draw for the first time and within about 25 minutes I managed to draw the following line drawing of my one-year old son sitting on the kitchen worktop playing with a biro and a tin of lip balm at 6:15 a.m. a few mornings back. 

I cheated a bit, in that I created an image layer from a photo from my iPhone photo library, dropped the opacity right down and then drew over the top. But, for someone who isn't all that good at drawing, I think the result is pretty decent. Bearing in mind that I was using my index finger to draw on the screen of a smart phone on a busy, moving train!

Artboard 1

Adobe Draw is a tad fiddly in places, but as this sketch proves, it isn't hard even for a relative novice to get a pleasing result on the move. Apart from sticking it into Illustrator CC (which I achieved from within the app itself) to bring the file into a format I could post on this blog, nothing else has been done to the image. 

I think it's rather smart!

To see what a pro has achieved with Adobe Draw (using the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro), see this at Khoi Vinh's excellent blog at Subtraction.com